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Born & raised in Stockwell, South London, Walthamstow native Big Tobz’ love of Grime first began at the age of 16.

Being of Nigerian and West Indian origin. From the serenading tones of Nigerian folk music, with its melodic symphonies, to the emphatic rhythmic patterns of Jamaican reggae, Tobz grew up with a diverse mix of musical culture in his home. His later influences grew from listening to artists such as 50 cent, ludacris, and Nas to name but a few, and also UK Grime artists such as Ghetto, Kano and Wiley.

As the scene developed and gave way to a succession of new uk rap artists such as Giggs and  Krept & Konan, Tobz gained inspiration from the emerging scene and started to take his rapping seriously.

He began spitting just for fun amongst  friends and soon realised he had a talent for rap and music in general.

Tobz soon started to develop his passion and in 2011 created a group called StowzFinest. It was through this group that Tobz met fellow rapper Blittz, who being from the same area, had been spitting for a little  longer than Tobz and had generated a buzz. The two gelled and soon began making music together.

Tobz’ hype in the scene really began in 2014 when he dropped the video ‘winning’ on Linkup tv. A wave of support and fans followed, propelling Big Tobz onto a international stage. With hits such as ‘Uno my style’ and ‘Controlla’ to name a few, Tobz’ blend of uk rap with subtle melody and tone has become the signature style his fans recognise and love him for.

Still notably young in his career. His story