LEYYA – 9 October @ Hoxton Square Bar and Kitchen

Tickets on sale TUESDAY 30 MAY on Ticketweb

Chaos vs. Routine, Woman vs. Man, Art vs. Pop

Vienna-based experimental pop duo Leyya employs a combination of melancholy and electronica in their music. They’ll be playing London this October at Hoxton Square Bar and Kitchen 

Their sound is expansive and floating but also violent and impulsive. Therefore the atmosphere is distinctly impulsive and irresistibly fun.

Following the release of their widely acclaimed debut album Spanish Disco, the duo put out two infectious trip hop gems “Butter” and “Superego” and took their unique sound to large festival stages across Europe, including Iceland Airwaves and Eurosonic Nooderslag.

Their performance style garnered comments from publications such as Consequence of Sound. 

“Whatever it was that Leyya imbued in their music — that individualistic combination of groove, beats, and guitars — drew onlookers into the room, convinced them to stay, and had them clapping ravenously long after the band left the stage”

This spring, the Leyya expanded their repertoire and released their new single “Zoo”. Incorporating sitar and a psychedelic sixties rhythm section they’ve relocated their sound from melancholic dark pop made in modern day Europe, to colourful trip hop in retro South East Asia. Thus, reaffirming the unpredictable nature of this talented music making team.

Regardless of what’s expected, Leyya do what they want and it sounds good, something confirmed by vocalist Sophie Lindinger’s as she softly sings “Don’t believe what they say about me […] Don’t give a shit, that they talk about me.”