Just a year ago, towards the end of 2017, things were looking bleak for Birmingham rapper Mowgli. While making a name for himself, personal troubles halted his progress, only just. A year later, he’s now on the precipice of becoming one of the prominent rap voices coming out of The Midlands.

Mowgli’s Birmingham roots, Erdington to be exact, define much of his artistry due to his cadence that glides smoothly over the bouncy, synth-led beats. While Mowgli’s sound can’t be confined to any one style, it flirts the boundaries between rap, trap and UK-afrobeats. It makes the young talent, born of Jamaican-Indian descent, able to crossover into a host of sounds, making him ripe for stardom.

Before finding himself as a regular on UK rap playlists across all streaming services, Mowgli was developing his base locally, earning the support of his hometown which he says, is one of the best feelings ever– “Last year things were so different for me and I couldn’t imagine being here but now I am, I just wanna keep taking my music to a higher level.”

Every town has its local hero who helps put their city on the map in ways unfathomable. For Toronto, it was Vince Carter and the Raptors in the mid-90s. For Birmingham however acts like Mist & Lady Leshurr made it okay for guys like Mowgli with thick, regional accents to gain notoriety across the rest of the UK– particularly London.

Mowgli’s carved a lane for himself, especially with infectious releases such as “Headspin” and the more recent “Trapperz,” and with each one, he’s proving that there is more than enough room for Birmingham to have more than one rap star. In time, and with patience, Mowgli will be there.