ROAR was created as a monthly showcase night to provide a platform for talented female musicians, addressing the lack of female artists as headliners on festival line ups. The event kicks off this year with at The Pickle Factory this April, followed by two more dates in May and June. With International Woman’s Day and 100 Years of Woman being a high profile discussion this year, it is now more important than ever that female artist’s require a platform to be seen and heard.

Initially launched in 2015, ‘Finding the Female Headliner’ was a monthly showcase held at Birthdays in North London. Its intention: to provide a showcase platform for talented female /female led musicians, addressing the notable lack of female headliners on festival bills. Our values are still the same, and we are aiming to create night promoting emerging female artists giving them live performance experience and for people to come see a great bunch of Headliner worthy acts.

“We want to carry on being part of the change, offering a platform for emerging female talent to perform at events specifically designed to help them grow and reach new audiences. Helping them on the road to becoming more established Artistes is very important to me as it will inevitably lead to adding more equality to the headline talent pool often referred to by major event and festival bookers.

Sophie Faith –

Some of the iconic voices in music seem to channel their most sincere emotions into every note, enticing listeners with their sound, forcing them to share their most challenging times through the music they create. Singer/songwriter Sophie Faith unquestionably shares this gift.

Sophie’s vivacious personality is instantly infectious and she has the ability to convey even the most seemingly insignificant emotional nuances through her choice of tone, creating a tangible link between her and listeners of her music. This has been proven by the extremely positive response to her live performances that have resulted in Sophie attaining an impressive reputation, despite being yet to debut any solo material.

Sue Lily –

SueLily is a singer-songwriter hailing from the outskirts of South London. Through her raw honesty and conscious use of the arts, SueLily explores issues that are close to her heart in the hopes of touching yours too. Seeing music as a fluid method of self-expression she prefers not to be boxed into a specific genre, seeing that instead as the mood that houses each creative process. That being said, her sound could be described as a gentle merging of Neo-Soul, Hip-Hop and Jazz; with her roots remaining firm within Soul.Through constructing personal narratives through her music, SueLily carefully expresses moments that can be interpreted and applied to the personal contexts of each listener; engaging her audience to use her music as their own means of healing, discovery, and exploration


Saie is a 22 Year old Afro-soul singer-songwriter, Dancer and Poet from South East London. After studying at the Northern School Of Contemporary Dance she is ready to take the culture by storm with her soulful sounds and introspective observations.


Bringing her heavenly soulful voice mixed with underlining R&B sound to Roar’s first event, BaggE has been working with the likes of Ekimoe, Willum Manido. Her last twos singles produced by Willum Maindo got great feedback, and she continues to build a following. BaggE is one to look out for in the next coming years.