ROAR was created as a monthly showcase night to provide a platform for talented female musicians, addressing the lack of female artists as headliners on festival line ups. The event kicks off this year with at The Pickle Factory this April, followed by two more dates in May and June. With International Woman’s Day and 100 Years of Woman being a high profile discussion this year, it is now more important than ever that female artist’s require a platform to be seen and heard.

Initially launched in 2015, ‘Finding the Female Headliner’ was a monthly showcase held at Birthdays in North London. Its intention: to provide a showcase platform for talented female /female led musicians, addressing the notable lack of female headliners on festival bills. Our values are still the same, and we are aiming to create night promoting emerging female artists giving them live performance experience and for people to come see a great bunch of Headliner worthy acts.

“Robomagic promoter Chloe Gamble said “We want to carry on being part of the change, offering a platform for emerging female talent to perform at events specifically designed to help them grow and reach new audiences. Helping them on the road to becoming more established Artistes is very important to me as it will inevitably lead to adding more equality to the headline talent pool often referred to by major event and festival bookers”

The Bill will go as followed:


 With her ethereal voice she manages to blend old R&B with a present spin, giving it a new life and a fresh audience. Yiigaa (real name Yiga which means good luck) was raised in Brixton, South London. The daughter of Ivorian musician Henri Gaobi, there was always music blasting throughout the house encouraging and inspiring her strong passion for music. From the early age of seven, she was writing both her own and favourite song lyrics over her body when she was bored to kill time, ending up in her obtaining countless of diaries with song lyrics from over the years.
 Growing up she listened to the likes Lauryn Hill, Amy Winehouse, Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Frank Ocean. These are the musicians who she credits to have helped shape her musical tastes and direction, which can be clearly heard throughout her catalogues. So far she has released two EP’s which she describes as “neo soul infused with a little hi-fi to create old school vibes with a modern twist.

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Chiara Noriko-

Berlin raised singer Chiara Noriko who has recently made the move to London, offers her tripped out take on R&B. Having been featured in Complex Magazine and Future Mag there is a lot of excitement surrounding this soulful singer. Her interests in a range of sounds extending beyond R&B — like jazz, classical hip-hop and electronic soul shine through in her sound. She cites her influences as Bill Evans, Miles Davis, Stan Getz, J Dilla, Erykah Badu, Amerie, Weirddough, Lakim and DJ Rashad to name a few. Having had the backing of Soulection and DJs like Joe Kay spinning her tunes we are sure there is a lot more to come for Chiara.

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 At just 16 years old, Jeorgia had already rocked stages. Having entered Britains Got Talent and gaining interest from Simon Cowell, she has gone on to win open mic’s and performance based competitions. In 2009 she won a Jack Petchey award for performance.
Summer 2012 Jeorgia opened for Chipmunk on the Biggafish Tour,Performed at Notting Hill Carnival, sang a 30 min set at the Paralympics 2012, performed at the prestigious BBI awards at the Hilton Hotel London, Ben TV Diplomatic Awards, Lewisham Care Council Awards and visited 10 Downing street, giving a speech to David Cameron as part of the SOLA campaign. Early this year Jeorgia became a Grand finalist in Teen Star and Britain Does Variety. Now 18, The talented singer/songwriter is fully focused on music, with her very first release “Think Of Me”, premiering on SBTV and new single ‘Come Closer’ with Lisa  Mercedez.. Jeorgia is anchoring her path in 2018 with many singles to follow… A new diva has arrived.

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