Santino le Saint


Professionally known as Santino Le Saint, the lyrically gifted singer marries his soft-rock offering with new-age R&B establishing his own identity at the intersections of both genres. Spurred on by an unwavering self-belief, Santino Le Saint began his solo career, soon after founding the Cloud X collective alongside David Dabieh and Benjamin Cross. Together the trio created Santino’s debut EP ‘CLOUD 304’ in 2017.

In 2020, Santino Le Saint is bigger and bolder than ever. Leaning further into his emo-laced offering, the 22-year-old borrows from the late Lil Peep and XXXTentation. With his forthcoming debut album, he seeks to lean further into his experiences as a renaissance man. Armed with backing from platforms such as COLORS, Notion and Soho House, he says that he will continue to challenge masculinity, stating that he enjoys showcasing vulnerability. “The idea of sharing feelings meaning that you’re emasculated is insane for me. I really don’t mind sharing my emotions, I actually enjoy it. I guess I don’t give a fuck,” he candidly shrugs.

Amended from words by Nic Tyrell